You know, a lot of the time there are Kickstarter campaigns which promise a great deal but have little actual game to back up their big words. With that said, I’ve rarely seen campaigns where they appear to have an excellent game in the works but fail to really advocate for their title on their own campaign page. Medieval Mercs appears to be one such Kickstarter. So let’s dig in with what exactly the game is and why it’s worth looking into despite a pretty middling Kickstarter page.


Medieval Mercs is an action tower defense game by Digital Homicide Studios with a 2D perspective. Instead of just placing towers you actually control characters as they fight to keep enemies at bay. There’s a whole team of mercenaries on your side. Each of these characters (Demolitionist, Dwarven Defender, Pyromancer, Ranger, Sorceress) can wield specially-crafted items and armor as well as see their stats leveled up. Every character has their own special skills in battle such as the Demolitionist who utilizes traps to ensnare and destroy enemies. The visuals also happen to be surprisingly polished for a Kickstarter project. It’s nice to see a tower defense-style game which offers polygonal art rather than cartoony aesthetics, too. They might want to make things a bit brighter, though.


If you’d like to see Medieval Mercs in action you can check out the promotional video on their Steam Greenight page… but not on their Kickstarter. See, I just don’t get why the actual campaign page is so lonesome! They’ve got a great game to show so hopefully they’ll upgrade their page in the coming days. It’ll be necessary to gain just a bit more attention to reach a funding goal of $3,000.

Track the progress of the Medieval Mercs Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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