Despite not being the first to do procedural generation, or crafting, or voxel art, Minecraft became a perfect storm of a game which has gained it the adoration of millions since its earliest alpha releases. As such, it makes total sense that many new games are inspired directly by it. One of these is Adventure Craft, which initially seems to share a tremendous deal with that mega hit. You play as a cute little pixel character in a ginormous, procedurally generated world hoping to survive. You collect materials, craft them into other things, and fight enemies which do their best to eat you.


But there’s also more to it than just a pixelated re-skin of Minecraft. Along with all that you’ve also got the ability to recruit NPC players to your team (or, of course hit up other real players for co-op play). If befriending NPCs isn’t really your thing you can instead opt to summon creatures with awesome, potentially evil magic powers. Or heck, why not create a robot to fight your battles with you? Fights appear to be an important aspect of Adventure Craft as hordes of creatures may take you on at once (as opposed to Minecraft’s often meandering enemies).


Developer Edible Entertainment have already been hard at work on Adventure Craft, as is evidenced by a playable demo. They’re asking for approximately $115,190 (converted from AUD). It’s a tough sum, but we’ll definitely keep an eye on the game. Feel free to give Adventure Craft an upvote as it also has a page on Steam Greenlight.

Track the progress of the Adventure Craft Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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