Help, I’m drowning in crowdfunded visual novels! Actually, don’t help because this is completely awesome. Starlight Vega is a brand new game in the genre focused on a girl named Aria. She was just snooping around her grandpa’s old house when she stumbles upon a stone and magically releases the demon who was trapped within. Instead of immediately endangering Aria’s life, she instead flirts with her! With this demon now hanging out in the home, Aria seeks the assistance of her friend Melody to decipher an ancient magic book as a means to be rid of the demon.


The setup in Starlight Vega is classic, but sounds quite fun. With a magical context there’s room for all kinds of potential silliness. In a particularly awesome move, this lighthearted game provides romantic routes between the various female characters. Considering the huge personality differences between demon Lyria and Melody, pursing multiple paths seems like it’ll be enjoyable. To help show off the game, developer Razzartvisual prepared a demo release for Windows, Mac, and Linux players. Give it a try if you’re curious!


Starlight Vega’s artstyle is a bit sketchy (as in, hand drawn, not bad!) and seem distinct from one another, unlike some romanceable options in other visual novels. The goal value on Kickstarter has been set to $3,550 which is lower than most comparable visual novels currently seeking crowdfunding. If you’d like to support the game another way then consider heading over to the Steam Greenlight page and provide an upvote.

Track the progress of the Starlight Vega Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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