Winterflame: The Other Side is an upcoming game based off the Vandaria series. Like a few other Kickstarter projects before it, this name isn’t one known worldwide, but in Indonesia is a huge property. A whole assortment of mixed media spinoffs have been made under its name, and this upcoming game is just the latest. Developed by Artoncode, the story will focus on Lev, a human who has lost his family, left hand, and even best friend due to a conflict between humans and magical beings. With little left, Lev sets out into the forbidden forest with hopes of somehow managing to save long-time friend Raina.


Early on, Lev gains the ability to use magic thanks to a gauntlet strapped to his arm. This facilitates much of the 2D puzzle gameplay. The puzzles are described as falling into four main types: color-based, music-based, physics-based, and math-based. Okay, so math puzzles might not sound that awesome to most of us, but they have the potential to be fun if executed properly. In any case, aside from puzzles you’ll simply want to explore Winterflame: The Other Side. Cutscene art shown so far looks fantastic.



The same cannot be said of the prototype game footage, but that’s expected of such an early project. On the other hand, they do appear to have a great eye for creating a world with grand scope. Winterflame: The Other Side requires approximately $55,534 in funding (converted from CAD) for a PC release and has started off strong. Here’s hoping they produce a demo or other means of showcasing their game to keep that trend going strong.

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