I’ll admit that, despite being a diehard visual novel fan, it is becoming increasingly hard to keep up with every English-language release. When Invisible Apartment launched on Steam for free I definitely took notice, but haven’t been able to play it yet. Vysoko Anime Production is nothing if not skilled with quick work. Their prequel, Invisible Apartment Zero, is already on Desura (not for free this time) and seeking votes on Steam Greenlight. But now there’s a new game on the way – Invisible Apartment 2: Reasons. Only this time it’s going to be funded via Kickstarter.


The reason why Invisible Apartment Zero was paid is because it required a lot more effort and became a longer game than the first. The same holds true with the developer’s intent for Invisible Apartment 2. Vysoko Anime Productions wishes to make this an even longer tale with more options for players to decrease the game’s linearity. So far much of the script has already been drafted, but more is still required. Mostly, it’s the music and art that they need a bunch more of. Stuff like facial animations, CGs, and detailed backgrounds are the biggest focus.


If successful, Invisible Apartment 2 will be available on Windows and Linux just like the previous series’ titles. There’s no Greenlight page up for this release, but chances are they’re waiting until Zero succeeds to push it onto the service. Invisible Apartment 2 requires approximately $2,161 in Kickstarter funding (converted from Euros) and should be able to make it if even a small amount of the existing fan audience on Steam convert into backers.

Track the progress of the Invisible Apartment 2 Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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