A surprising amount of distinct visual novels launched this week on Kickstarter. One of these titles is Herald by Wispfire. Although, that’s not the perfect description as the game is actually a mix between point and click adventure gameplay and visual novel storytelling. Players assume the role of Devan, a young steward aboard the HLV Herald. The game takes place in an alternative 19th century, although many of the struggles of the Protectorate are similar to what our societies faced in the actual time period. This tweaked take on the period allows players to choose whether they align with the oppressed or powerful citizens.


When you’re talking about visual novels there’s always some focus on appearance. Herald looks absolutely stunning in these segments. The hand-drawn characters are lively, not to mention subtly animated. So far the 3D point and click adventure segments don’t reveal a game with quite as impressively beautiful visuals, but that’s not a big issue. The intriguing storyline and great cast of characters will easily become the focus for most players. At least, that’s my view at the moment as I’ve not played it yet.


Herald is actually playable right now if you’d like to give it a shot. Just head on over to this link and download the demo (Windows only for now). Wispfire are asking for approximately $16,210 (converted from Euros) to make the first act of their game. They’ve also got a Steam Greenlight page up if you’re looking to support the team in other ways.

Track the progress of the Herald Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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