[dropcap size=big]A[/dropcap]s a writer of queer fiction, I’m fairly open about my bisexuality. Getting married to a man and becoming a mother didn’t make this magically go away. These days, the way I scratch that non-hetero itch is by reading books, comics, and playing the occasional visual novel. Thus, while I’m not a huge visual novel fan, whenever an LGBT game is released, I’m usually all over it. So you can imagine my excitement to see Starlight Vega hit Kickstarter! If you’ve played the demo, enjoyed it, and can’t wait for more, here are my personal suggestions for other “lady love” games, otherwise known as yuri visual novels, to enjoy in the meantime.

Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke Wo

Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke Wo - yuri visual novels

Also known in English as “A Kiss for the Petals,” it’s a short school based game that focuses on the budding relationship between Yuuna (a perverse honor student) and Nanami (an adorable klutz.) But this isn’t just the name of a single visual novel. Oh no! Instead, it’s become the name of a very successful series that currently spans twelve games, an OVA, a web series, an online anime, light novels, drama CDs, music CDs, art books, and a manga series. This is an Eroge series, so there are lots of sex scenes, but it lacks any extreme fetishes (though there are a few lesser ones–come on, it’s Japan, it’s practically unavoidable), and the romances are very sweet and lighthearted. If you’d like something sexy, feel good, and just generally cute, then you really ought to check this series out. It’s a fan favorite, and the game series rates fairly well across the board!

This game is currently only in Japanese–HOWEVER, there are dedicated folks out there who have developed unofficial English patches for the games!


Katahane - yuri visual novels

This is another adult title with sex scenes, this time based in a fantasy type world of which there are three kingdoms. The main story begins with a playwright named Wakaba, who decides to write a controversial play about a hated man from history named Ein. Instead of villifying him as everyone expects her to, however, Wakaba shows Ein as a hero. She gets criticized for her choice of story, but still has actors willing to participate. Her production leads her to journey across the three kingdoms in search of more actors for her play.

This is a long visual novel and it has many characters of interest with multiple romances going on. I should note that not all of the romances are yuri, but there are two lesbian couples, thus this made the game qualified for this list in my eyes. The relationship between Belle and Angelina ended up being my favorite anyway out of all the couples, and they felt pretty important. Their romance takes time, but it develops naturally, creating more emotional investment and catharsis at the end. The game is quite long, and sometimes the story drags with politics, but it was overall an enjoyable title that had lots of CGs!

You can only buy it from Japanese sites like this one, but there is a guide on how to do that for DLsite, and also an unofficial English patch you can download here.

Lonely Yuri

Lonely Yuri - yuri visual novels

This game is pure yuri, and not just that, it’s for all ages! Minors rejoice! Like Sono Hanabira, this game is centered on teenage girls. The story begins with Fusa, a first year high school student who has to take some handouts to a fellow classmate named Seri, who hasn’t shown up for school. Later, Fusa is asked to wait in the family room. She ends up falling asleep, and is awoken by a kiss on the lips.

This is a quick game–roughly two hours, but it’s so atmospheric, and the romance is so sweet that I had to mention this one. It can be a bit bittersweet, but the experience this title provides makes it worth it. The art is simpler than other visual novels you come across, but I sort of like its gentle, laid back feeling. There’s also a lot of event CGs, considering the game’s length.

You can get the game translated in English here!

What other yuri visual novels would you add to the list?

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