Although the main focus of Cliqist is digital video games, it’s not our exclusive focus. From time to time we cover the realm of tabletop board games via Andrew Esposito’s Kicking Cardboard posts. As it turns out, Kickstarter is positively swimming with projects of this type, such as the newly launched Otherworlds the Limitless Tabletop RPG. Whereas most tabletop games focus on set worlds and concepts, Otherworlds intends to differentiate itself by incorporating a lot more player creativity. For example, early games have resulted in “gigantic gummy bear experiments gone wrong,” among other things.


Of course, there’s still a basis to the whole thing. You’ve got twelve starter classes, ten races, and twelve different worlds to use as a jumping off point. As for weapons, there’s a great deal included and each player has the ability to mix and match for distinct weapon possibilities. The purpose of this Kickstarter is to help produce the Otherworlds gamebook. It’s worth noting that all the book’s writing is already complete. Aside from printing fees, funds raised are also meant to help bring on more talented artists.


Otherworlds the Limitless Tabletop RPG is asking for $2,500 via Kickstarter. Backers at the $14 and up tier receive the core rulebook as a PDF. It’s only at the meatier $50 tier that folks can get their hands on the hardcover version.

Please Note: This campaign is being run by Vincent Baker, who has written articles for Cliqist in the past and is currently on staff. As such, developer diary type articles are the only pieces he’ll publish on the site that pertain to Otherworlds.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada