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Our Mission

We’re passionate about games, especially indie games. Our goal is to shed a light on the world of indie gaming, inform readers on the benefits of crowdfunding, and call out any shady behavior that may seek to take advantage of customers. Does our staff have favorite developers? Of course they do! Do they back crowdfunding projects? You bet, just like they buy video games. Our staff strictly donate to campaigns, and are not equity backers, they stand to gain nothing from a games success or failure.

If you have any concerns about any of our coverage, have questions about Cliqist, or just want to say hi, email our editor at Greg@Cliqist.com. If you’d like to contribute you can do so via our Community Corner.

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Our Team

Greg Micek


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Greg has been writing on and off about games since the late nineties, always with a focus on indie games. He started DIYGames.com in 2000, which was the first gaming site to focus exclusively on indie games. These days he runs Cliqist, and New normative. Contact him at greg@cliqist.com

Joanna Mueller

Executive Editor


Joanna Mueller is a lifelong gamer and an aspiring novelist, which means she spends way too much time obsessing about fictional worlds. Coveting well written characters and story above all else, she hopes to shine a light on games and developers who step out of the standard mold and push boundaries. Joanna figures that if you don’t live in the world you want yet, you should get out there and make a new one.