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We love crowdfunding. We love gaming.  Mix those together and you’ve got an amazing development in the world of gaming.  Not only does it bring game developers closer to their customers, but it allows gamers to support developers on a more intimate level.  With crowdfunding developers can take risks that were once too risky to bet the house on.  However, with the explosion of crowdfunding in recent years comes a downside; developers are having a more difficult time getting their projects noticed, and those that do are often seen as scams or pipe dreams in the mind of consumers and the press.

That’s where Cliqist comes in.  We’re passionate about games, and the potential of crowdfunding.  Our is to shed a light on the world of crowdfunding in videogames, to educate and inform readers on how awesome it is to directly support creators while they pursue their dream, and to call out the potential dangers that comes with giving money to strangers.  We’re not here to copy and paste press releases, nor are we going to fall into the tired “angry gamer” schtick.

Do our writers back projects?  Of course they do!  Just like they buy videogames.  Given that videogame crowdfunding is purely donation based (mostly), our writers have no equity in the projects they’re covering; and thus, stand to gain nothing if a game is a success or failure.

If you have any concerns about any of our coverage, have questions about Cliqist, or just want to say hi, you can head over to our Contact Page, or send an email to me at [email protected].

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