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We love independence. We love gaming. Mix those together and you’ve got something amazing – independent gaming. Independent developers get to have closer interactions with their fans, and it allows those fans to support their favorite developers on a more intimate level. Developers can take bigger risks than they can in the AAA gaming scene, and make great games like Papers, Please and Undertale. But, with the explosion in popularity the indie scene has seen in recent years, there is a downside. Developers are having a much harder time standing out from the pack, and crowdfunded developers are finding it harder and harder to receiving funding.

That’s where Cliqist comes in. We’re passionate about games, especially indie games and the potential of crowdfunding. Our goal is to shed a light on the world of indie gaming, to inform readers on the benefits of crowdfunding, and call out any shady behavior that may seek to take advantage of customers. We’re not here to copy and paste press releases, nor are we going to fall into the tired “angry gamer” shtick.

Do our writers have favorite developers? Of course they do! Do they back crowdfunding projects? You bet, just like they buy video games. Our writers strictly donate to campaigns, they stand to gain nothing from a campaign’s success or failure. And they don’t play favorites when it comes to covering developers or certain games. If it’s an interesting story, we’ll get to the bottom of it, no matter what.

If you have any concerns about any of our coverage, have questions about Cliqist, or just want to say hi, head over to our Contact Page, or send an email to me at Greg@Cliqist.com.

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