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Jordan Ashley lives in the middle of the UK with two dogs who routinely beat him on Mario Kart. He's a big fan of playing Wind Waker over and over again while ignoring all other tasks. He also likes Craft Beer and screaming at Splatoon.
Overcooked 2 Review

Overcooked 2 Review: A Fresh Second Course

Overcooked 2 finds you returning to the Onion Kingdom, once again teaming up with friends to save it in restaurant themed challenges. You and...
Muddledash review

Muddledash Review: Fun and Flawed Party Game

Muddledash is a fun party game, with a valuable lesson about Octopus party etiquette. It’s a couch multiplayer game for up to four players with...
Catastronauts Space Multiplayer

The Multiplayer Space Chaos of Catastronauts

Catastronauts is an upcoming title that might look a little familiar. Taking heavy inspiration from another chaotic couch co-up game, Overcooked, you and up to...