God’s Gift utilises a rare form of dark humour, it’s cruel and cynical in its worldview while also abstract and bizarre in it’s execution and setting. It ends up being both charming and fun. You lead a group of cult-followers, obedient humans who follow your every word as a living god. You happen to be playing as a Lovecraftian monster, which might have helped you achieve this. The followers don’t need leading to safety but to their eventual fate, which is essentially the same thing. They are still disposable for the good of the collective. This puzzle platformer is seeking funding to complete its Lemmings inspired gameplay.

You play as a member of an old race who once harvested humans to become purely psychic beings. Now under threat from a mysterious being, they once again need masses of human bodies to harvest to reform their physical forms. It is up to you to gather and bring these humans. You will need to guide enough of them through this nightmare-land to restore your race.

God's GiftTo do this you’re going to have to brainwash them to follow your every word. Once this is done, they become as obedient as Lemmings, or Pikmin, or cult followers. You lead them through a bizarre alternative world full of monsters. It’s a strange place. The gameplay that has been currently shown in God’s Gift seems to move on from the cultish premise quite quickly. You’re soon involved in the Lovecraft inspired world. Along the way, you might have to mutate a few of your followers to give them the powers that you need to complete each level. One cult-follower can put up with a lot for the good of his fellow passengers. They’re happy and willing to do it, so don’t feel too bad about it.

God’s Gift of Puzzles in Exchange for Cash

A Lemmings-esque game about cult followers is a good enough premise. However, a Lemmings-esque game about cult followers in an abomination land of hideous mutated monsters being lead by a creature to restore physical bodies to beings of pure energy is something else entirely. There is a lot at work in God’s Gift, but it balances perfectly. The demo currently available demonstrates smart and engaging puzzle platforming. The levels are rewarding. They encourage planning ahead and taking some time to experiment with puzzles.  It also includes a level editor. It’s such a strong feature that it seems bizarre to include it in a free demo. Still, it is there and it is a lot of fun. It’s a great taste of what you’re in for with the final game.

God's Gift

God’s Gift aims to have over 30 levels, including some boss fights. The gameplay is strong and unique. It crosses Lemmings and Pikmin with a more traditional platformer approach. The end result is something really unique. The pixel art and humour are just icing on the cake. Unlike the bloat of Roguelikes, a Lemmingslikeis not a genre that you see very often. Probably because it doesn’t exist. However, God’s Gift is a strong argument that we should be seeing a few Lemmingslikes a year.

It’s being developed by a two-man team in their spare time, so they are looking for a relatively small amount of money to cover the final stages. You can tell it has been in development a while by the extent of the demo. This makes a completed game quite likely with the project, although as always things can go wrong. The demo currently available for God’s Gift should demonstrate why it’s our Kickstarter Game of the Week and worthy of your attention.

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