Hand-drawn games take a lot of time and work, so they often need outside funding. It typically pays off. You rarely see a hand-drawn game made up of off-model monstrosities that make you wish they’d just used Photoshop. This Kickstarter offers you the chance to support one of these fantastic games, it’s also a lot of fun to actually play which is a nice bonus. Tunche features hand-drawn art resembles a classic Disney movie. Although it’s more The Black Cauldron than Beauty and The Beast, which possibly makes it a Disney-Cult-Classic art style.

Tunche is a 2D Beat-Em-Up with a strong co-op mode, roguelike features, a supernatural story, and procedurally generated locations. It plans to release on just about every platform going, including all three major consoles. Developers LEAP games are currently seeking funds from Kickstarter to complete the project.

What’s a Tunche?Tunche

Tunche sends players off to explore the Amazon jungle. You will journey in search of a mythical entity who is also called Tunche. (See what they did there?) This creature dwells deep within the rainforest, it also has no discernable shape making your quest a little harder. If it were to gain a physical shape, you can safely assume it would be a cutely-animated one.

Tunche can stare deep into people’s souls, viewing their internal selves and judging them like a shapeless Amazonian St. Peter. If you (Or any of the four players that you might take with you) are judged to be unworthy by this creature, then you’re left to die in the rainforest. Why are you seeking out this murderous karma-weigher? We don’t currently know, but if Tunche hits all of its funding goals we should find out sooner rather than later.

This RPG will feature some roguelike aspects. LEAP hasn’t currently been clear on what this will entail, but it’s unlikely to incorporate the crueller aspects of the genre. Tunche’s four worlds will be procedurally generated. This should give it great replayability for those looking for a stable multiplayer party experience. It’s a different approach to a Beat-Em-Up. Procedurally generated Roguelikes are a common occurrence, so it’s cool to see this approach being applied to traditionally static genres. Tunche looks like a great mish-mash of popular indie genres served in the appearance of a cartoon you played to death on VHS.

Tunche Arena


Part of what is so impressive about Tunche is the pedigree of its artists. LEAP games have previously worked with Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. With this experience, Tunchelooks set to really animate its world. A day and night cycle will also be a feature of the game. This gives each area two distinct looks.

LEAP GAMES is seeking a final wave of funding to help them complete Tunche. You can try the game for free by downloading the Tunche Arena demo. This smaller build of the game shows its baseline gameplay. It’s a fun Beat-Em-Up sample and it does give you the chance to sample Tunche’s beautiful art style. It doesn’t appear to show off too many aspects of the game that will be in the eventual project. For a game that seems focused on its campaign experience rather than online multiplayer, this demo is more of a taste of what’s to come without any of the trappings.

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