Looking for a game akin to Plants vs. Zombies but with an indie music soundtrack? Okay, maybe you weren’t, but it sounds like a pretty cool concept, right? That’s basically what the game Loud on Planet X is. The tower defense-styled project has monsters amble sideways down lanes, but you don’t want them there. As such, you make sure that your band fights everything off with the power of music (or, the weight of a speaker crashing down on the creatures’ heads). This cartoony indie title by Pop Sandbox even takes  a step beyond what was necessary by filling the game with real music from popular artists.


Bands represented in game (both as characters and via two songs each) include the following: Austra, Cadence Weapon, F*cked Up, July Talk, Lights, Metric, METZ, Tegan and Sera. In all they hope to have 12 artists included, leading to 24 tracks included in the game. So far, they’ve already secured nine artists for sure. The musical theme adds a great selection of unique attacks and specials to use during gameplay. For example, you might use a strobe light of all things on enemies.


If you’re down for Loud on Planet X you can of course back the campaign. The developer is asking for $41,072 (converted from Canadian dollars) but has already raised a big chunk of it on day one. They don’t appear to have a Steam Greenlight page up just yet, though. Loud on Planet X is planned for release via PC, PS4, and Vita. Wii U and Xbox One are possible, but not guaranteed.

Track the progress of the Loud on Planet X Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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