Did you love the series of Star Wars: X-Wing games in the 90s? You aren’t alone – tons of folks absolutely adored those space simulation games. Even if they lacked the Star Wars association they would still completely awesome experiences! That’s what Impeller Studios is hoping for with the launch of their Kickstarter for Starfighter Inc. Although it cannot be X-Wing in name, it is most definitely channeling the spirit of X-Wing. Heck, original series designer David Wessman is on board alongside tons of other great team members.


Starfighter Inc. is proposed as a PvP multiplayer space simulation experience. Battles have the capacity to be large in scale, hectic, and allow for component damage. When core components are hit your ship is in major trouble. Then there’s the almost necessary VR integration which the majority of modern space sims are implementing. It’s not required to play, but of course the option is there. With all this said, at the moment every aspect of the game is in the early concept stages. The Kickstarter page is full of concept art and potential ideas which have yet to actually be shown in a working capacity. I have no doubt that the team is capable of all they say, just expect that it’ll take a while before Starfighter Inc. is ready for prime time.


Starfighter Inc. is aiming for what to me seems like a tame goal for the scope of their project – $250,000. Although the campaign is still super fresh they’ve already raised a huge chunk of funds which bodes well for the Kickstarter’s success indeed.

Track the progress of the Starfighter Inc. Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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Marcus Estrada
  • Dawnyaaa

    This game is actually intriguing me.
    Atm we got the exemple of Greed Monger that shows you that with 100k you can’t develop a MMO.
    This one ask 250k which i find not sufficient either to at least develop a decent MMO, plus it navigates around the solar star Star Citizen with Chris Roberts, influenced by his work.

    Even, if i find the tentative worthy, my spider-sense feels it is a smoking gun lol. Could be wrong but..Even Elite was realistic in his approach asking for what seems a price that makes you able to do a decent try at it plus it got some iconic figure.