Looking for a new adventure game in the vein of Flashback or Out of This World? Would you also like a dose of horror to go with it? Good timing, as Station just landed on Kickstarter. This game revolves around an underwater station positioned somewhere deep within the Arctic Ocean to search for minerals. Everything was going just fine before something unnatural takes hold of the crew during a disaster. Now, not only is everyone trapped but they’ve begun to lose their sanity. The protagonist seems saved from the effects themself, but must still contend with everyone else trapped with him.


So, what will you do? Station is open to a lot of freedom for puzzles. You can solve one in multiple ways, but also it’s up to you to decide how to handle other crew members. It might be tempting to save one so they become your loyal partner, but what if they’re actually preparing to eat you alive? Although the protagonist is unskilled with combat or firearms, they do know a thing or two about machinery. It’s definitely a good skill to have when trapped in a location full of stuff for you to use to your defense.


Station requires approximately $15,120 in funding to succeed. To me, the game sounds reminiscent of The Thing which is definitely cool. In any case, you can try the title out yourself via this demo link. If successful, Station will be coming to Windows, Mac, Linux, and PS4.

Track the progress of the Station Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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