[dropcap size=big]T[/dropcap]aking a closer look at Neostream’s Little Devil Inside as they’re reaching the end of their campaign, it’s plain to see how well-executed the art direction and gameplay are in this break-out title. Coming from a team of three developers, Little Devil Inside has quite a solid structure already. Animations and character movement in-game look great as the main character walks through the game world. An intriguing and clean user interface has been structured neatly in-game for examining objects and characters as well. The developer has released a couple of videos showing examples of the game functioning and looking as eye-catching as ever inside the Unity 3D Engine. This video displays the interior lighting work in progress, and the second one shows off the outdoor environment complete with weather effects, post-processing, and what looks like animated materials showing rain drops hitting the stone tile. As the campaign reaches the final stretch, here’s a look at what Little Devil Inside has to offer players.


Little Devil Inside offers players an open world to explore, survive in and find characters to interact with. One of the driving concepts to building this world was to portray a character existing in a realistic manner, but thriving in a fantastic world. The point character is a wandering survivor who may ultimately add “Demon-Slayer” to their resume by the time the game story concludes. Travelling the beautiful yet unforgiving world in Little Devil Inside one will encounter adorable, creepy, and strange creatures of all sorts. Neostream has gone all out creating characters that will taunt the imagination in anyone, bringing to life a diverse and striking world. Utilizing the power of Unity3D, Neostream has rendered environments that will leave players almost awe-struck with their presence and majesty, painting a canvas in chaotic low-poly models draped in lush hand-painted materials and PBR lighting.


Focusing mainly on exploration, Little Devil Inside will take that experience and enhance it with some action and RPG elements. The player will not only run quests and missions, but the comfort of home will be found in a safe haven where they may return to equip and rest after a taxing endeavor. This might sound like a key feature that’s included in many RPG’s, however Neostream plans to up the ante with some twists and turns thrown into those quests. Sure you can gear up and head down to the dungeon in a nearby area, but take heed the hardships that inclement weather can bring. An unexpected storm may waylay the player, forcing them to take an alternate approach to this dungeon trip of theirs. That sword might have been the right choice to take down the demons lurking in the dungeon you seek, but not preparing for nature’s worst can cause a bit of trouble. Keep in mind this isn’t just an RPG, there are survival elements that will challenge even seasoned RPG players. Prepping for the elements as well as the quest will increase the odds of success, as the trip to the dungeon might be almost as challenging as the trip through it.


So far, the premise sounds great, but at this point we’re picturing a lonely survivor facing thunderstorms and demonic creatures flying solo. This isn’t always the case, as the player is actually employed by a professor studying these creatures as well as the strange happenings in the game world. Being employed comes with its perks such as vehicles and companions. The player is at liberty to choose who to take with them on their missions, taking a bit of the wright off their chest. This is great in itself, but add in the interview and selection mechanics until you have a functioning guild assembled by the best (according to the player’s judgment). The player may interview and select new recruits into the professor’s faculty, adding another dimension to the versatility of the game already presented.


With a Kickstarter goal of $250,000 AUD ($192,250 USD) Little Devil Inside is set to be a vast and expansive world, exhibiting a unique style and hybrid gameplay. Sure to stand on its own two feet, this solid looking action adventure RPG built in Unity 3D is close to reaching its goal and funding a larger production that could only be worthy of a title such as this.  Little Devil Inside is being developed for PC, Mac, Linux, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. To get involved, the Kickstarter Campaign can be found here. The team also runs a Facebook and Twitter for updates, which are also streamed on their Steam Greenlight page.

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