Battlefield 2 used to be a massively popular multiplayer FPS with a host of mods supporting it. One of these mods was called “Project Reality” and had quite a fanbase. Squad takes what made that mod great and is turning it into a complete, standalone game. The founding tenants of this title are to ensure it is a tactically-focused online multiplayer game where players must work as a cohesive team to be victorious. All nine members of a squad need to cooperate and avoid the lone wolf mentality. In total, maps will host massive 50 vs 50 player games.


One of the more unique facets of Squad is the ability for teams to create their own bases. Strategically creating and placing bases is integral to smart strategizing, after all. Bases work as a good fallback point, but also work as a place to go when someone needs to stock up on supplies. To ensure that everyone can chat with their team accordingly there will also be in-game positional voice chat, and the ability to speak within your team or to other teams. There’s honestly tons of highlighted features to Squad, but it’d take more than one news post to cover it all.


If Squad reaches its approximately $150,000 goal then that ensures a release on Steam Early Access. To “fully fund the total vision of the project,” Offworld Industries estimates funds of closer to $3 million. So far, funding has gone quite well for them in the first week. Provided funding continues along this path they should do well raising over this “seed money” amount.

Track the progress of the Squad Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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