Most of the time on Cliqist, our news posts focus on announcing brand new Kickstarter and IndieGogo campaigns. Galaxy Heist isn’t on Kickstarter yet, but we’re giving you the first scoop about the game anyhow! It’s described in the most simplistic way by Space Bear Development as an “online space combat and first person shooter” experience. You command your very own ship in space and do your best to disable their vessels. But, that’s not where it ends. Instead, the next task is to actually board the enemy’s ship and fight against those crew members inside. With all that out of the way it’s finally time to destroy said ship from the inside with a self-destruct mechanism after raiding it.


Do you understand why it’s called Galaxy Heist now? This upcoming PC release offers a fairly unique twist on the space combat formula which hopefully intrigues folks. As was mentioned earlier, the early stages of a battle are meant to feel like a typical space combat game. It’s during those hijacking/boarding sections that the game flips into a traditional FPS with gun-toting crewmember. As an online game, players will be able to do things like team up with others in order to raid one specific ship. On the other hand, players could all fly solo and take each other on 1 vs. 1.


Will such a mix work for players? It’s impossible to say, but we’ll find out if it attracts backers very soon. The Kickstarter for Galaxy Heist is coming on June 1. Expect to hear more about Galaxy Heist once it launches next week!

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Marcus Estrada


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