There’s always room for more 2D action/exploration games in my book. Never Ending Night is the latest to arrive on Kickstarter from that genre. In this title, you’re playing as a character who looks a bit like an astronaut. Equipped with only a lamp (and a butterfly who accompanies you) the player must somehow manage to explore and not get decimated by zombies lurking around. Okay, so the zombie bit might not sound so cool. What does look cool in my opinion is the fact that this world is very mechanical in nature.


Not only do you and your butterfly pal seem robotic in nature, but enemies, known as Constructs, look downright terrifying with giant gears and cogs sticking from their bodies. It’s a great aesthetic which matches with Never Ending Night’s stark (mostly) black and white visuals. There’s not a tremendous amount of discussion as to how the main game plays out, but Knight’s Mode was described. This one gives you a sword instead of a lit lantern, allowing players to effectively slash their problems away. It also features permadeath, making it a more challenging mode than the main game. In any case, it looks like fans of more exploratory titles – and those who prefer action, are being placated.


Never Ending Night has a downright minuscule funding goal of $2,000. If they don’t raise that, it’ll be a shame, but even so it seems like far too little funding for a team of DotDream’s size. On the positive side of things, the game was already Greenlit on Steam so there’s no need to worry about upvoting there.

Track the progress of the Never Ending Night Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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Marcus Estrada


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