As someone with the skill to only speak one language, I’m constantly in awe of those who manage to speak two or more. With this being the case, my initial reaction to a game where you’re expected to learn an entirely new knowledge was one of fear! With that said, after checking out Sethian, it seems like developer Grant Kuning has multiple ways of ensuring the language learning process is more fun than it is frustrating. But, at it’s core, this is still indeed a puzzle game which will require careful thought. So let’s dig into what it’s all about.


Sethian is the name of a long-lost colony which you, an archaeologist, have just discovered. Amazingly, there’s a working computer within the ruins. Of course, it’s filled completely with text in the colony’s non-English native language. Your goal is to decipher it and see what these documents say. The language itself is entirely new, but devised with inspiration from real languages such as Chinese and American Sign Language. It is also much smaller in scope than real languages, as there are only 100 roots to focus on. Finally, an in-game dictionary can be pulled up at any time for those times when you can’t remember what a symbol means.


For most of the campaign, Sethian has been trending well with funding but is definitely going to require more support to chug along to the $8,000 Kickstarter goal. There’s no Steam Greenlight page up so folks who cannot pledge but still wish to help can consider sharing the campaign with others out there.

Ytack the progress of the Sethian Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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