Sometimes, gamers want to play something with a vast array of systems and potential such as The Witcher 3. Other times, all we might want is an incredibly simplified action experience. The latter is what Forest Warrior appeals to. It is a wave-based 2D action game where you are the eponymous “forest warrior” seeking to survive for as long as possible. For whatever reason, the forest is filled with monsters and no one else can save you (well, mostly)!


Players can run, roll, shoot, or melee enemies as they come in from both sides of the screen. But beyond that, there’s also a host of allies available in game which will provide support. For example, summoning a helpful hawk will keep enemy birds out of your hair. Or really, your face, as the protagonist sports a bald head. Partners aren’t the only way to upgrade your survivability in Forest Warrior. Players can mix and match between three specials to utilize as needed. These include options to restore health or become extra speedy for a bit of time. Developer Inferno Studio would love to add online co-op, more maps, specials, and monsters, which will only be possible if they exceed their funding goal and dip into stretch goals.


Forest Warrior only needs about $2,190 in funds (converted from Euro) and will need at least a bit more attention to reach that goal. Luckily, they’ve already provided a Windows demo which you can download on If you’d like to help out then consider heading onto Steam Greenlight and providing an upvote.

Track the progress of the Forest Warrior Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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