So, here’s some news which backers of The Guardian’s Spell probably knew was coming but didn’t want to believe. Today Winged Cloud posted an update with only three lines of text. Here’s the entire post:

“We’re refunding everyone who backed this campaign. The refund process will take roughly 2-4 weeks. The project is now closed.”

This comes after a single “progress update” post in November of 2014, which itself was the only update to Kickstarter after the campaign succeeded in April 2014 (or before, for that matter). Jenni Lada of Technology Tell managed to get a hold of the developer in December. At that time, Winged Cloud revealed issues which had apparently kept them from progressing on the game – although those claims were disputed.

Sakura Spirit screenshot

Sakura Spirit screenshot

Disregarding the dramatic aspect, they were apparently still committed to The Guardian’s Spell. At what point did that change? We can’t know as they’ve provided no reason for the campaign cancellation whatsoever. My speculation is that they’ve found such outrageous success with the “Sakura” series of visual novels that they see no reason to produce another otome release. Their other otome title, Pyrite Heart, is cute but undoubtedly can’t hold a candle to the performance of Sakura Spirit and Sakura Angels.

If you backed The Guardian’s Spell all you can do now is wait for your pledge refund to roll in. Those who still wish to support Winged Cloud can do so by following their Patreon. At the moment, they raise around $400 a month toward the continued production of more Sakura series titles.

Are you happy, mad, or simply perplexed by The Guardian Spell’s sudden cancellation? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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