Late last year Infinitap Games released psychological horror adventure game Neverending Nightmares (you can read my review at Kickstart Ventures here) and Matt Gilgenbach is going to be returning to Kickstarter for his next gaming project titled Devastated Dreams. And, like his previous venture it’s going to be another game dealing with dreamscapes and fears.

Devastated Dreams

Unlike Neverending Nightmares, which was very short on story, Devastated Dreams promises to have a much more narrative tale featuring a woman known only as “Angel” as she traverses the landscapes of the Philippines. And she may or may not be pregnant. In fact, the teaser trailer shows her both with and without child (or at least very early into a pregnancy).

Devastated Dreams

Devastated Dreams is inspired by two of Gilgenbach’s own fears, namely being an expectant parent and feeling “vulnerable in a rural area of the Philippines”. While Angel will be traveling through familiar landscapes of the country this also wouldn’t be a game about dreams and nightmares if these places weren’t warped by the mind.

In fact, just like in his previous title Angel will be hounded by a number of mythic beasts and monsters from the land known as “aswang”. And from what I know about these beings they prey on children, both unborn and born. Which also works with Gilgenbach’s fears towards parenthood. Don’t expect unicorns and rainbows in this one.

Devastated Dreams

Based on the teaser and screenshots released thus far Devastated Dreams looks like it’ll use the same art style that Infinitap used in their first game. Namely, a black-and-white artistic style with blood showing up as red and interactible objects in a goldish hue. The main difference appears to be the reliance on light sources. Being so far away from civilization there’s no electricity to speak of so candles and flashlights are required to be able to see in the dark.

According to the latest blog post they’re planning on launching the Kickstarter campaign for Devastated Dreams in July.

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