Cyberpunk is a genre that takes society and gives it a harder edge. Both metaphorically and literally. Lacing “chrome” on the human form enhances their abilities, computing technology allows us to jump deep down the digital rabbit hole, and firefights aren’t uncommon in pretty much every urban zone. Defragmented takes these tried and true tropes laid down in the ’80s and mixes action with RPG elements to create a unique gaming experience for fans of the ‘punk.


The basic plot of Defragmented should be familiar to anyone who’s even remotely interested in the source material. If you love movies like Blade Runner then you should feel right at home here. You’ll be taking on the government, corporations, and pretty much any lowlife that crosses your path and causes trouble. And in true fashion you’ll do it augmented to the gills (gills optional) and packing enough firepower to level a city. If you can find it at least.

There are currently three classes that you can play in Defragmented. You have the standard bruiser that loves guns and isn’t afraid to use them (appropriately named “Cyberzerkers”), thieves (Railrunners), and your traditional hacker (The Ascended) and each one has two skill trees that you can use to customize your character to your heart’s content. You can even customize your gender and skin color.

Defragmented uses a third-person top-down camera reminiscent of Diabo and the environment is totally destructible. Just don’t get caught behind flimsy walls or you’ll be turned into Swiss cheese faster than you can say¬†William Gibson. Oh, yeah. You should expect to die. A lot. But, you can always respawn and continue where you left off. Don’t believe me? Try their demo before judging, chummer.

If you’re like me and you can’t get enough Cyberpunk action then you should check out Defragmented. It looks to be a good addition to the genre.

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