We’ve covered The Grisaia Trilogy quite a lot here on Cliqist. After all, it was a majorly successful visual novel Kickstarter that raised $475,255 in all. There were many campaign highs and lows, but things are finally working themselves out. Case in point, The Fruit of Grisaia is now available on Steam. Quite a quick turnover when you consider that the campaign was successful at the end of January 2015! Of course, The Fruit of Grisaia already had an English translation which the translator spruced up for this release.


You can read the full release post at this link, or check the highlights here:

  • To receive a Steam key for The Fruit of Grisaia you had to back a digital version, or otherwise purchase a digital copy as an add on. If you backed for a physical copy you are not given a complimentary Steam key.
  • If you backed digital but haven’t yet received a key then make sure you have the correct, current credit card information on BackerKit.
  • Requested refunds are still being processed and have not gone out yet.
  • Physical copies have not been printed yet. Sekai Project is waiting for the digital release to be “as bug free as possible” before going ahead with that. However, The Fruit of Grisaia will ship first once it is ready, rather than waiting for the entire set to ship at once.
  • 18+ digital will be provided by Denpasoft but no date is given for this release either.

The rest of the series (The Labyrinth of Grisaia, The Eden of Grisaia, Idol Magical Girl Chiruchiru ☆ Michiru) all still have no release window. We’ll let you know when more important backer information becomes available.

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