First person dungeon crawlers have been around since practically the dawn of video gaming and have been inspired by pen-and-paper games like Dungeon of Dragons even years earlier than that. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Indie Voyage is looking to make one of their own in Venture Forth. And from the looks of things this is one enormous cavern network. With plenty of things to kill and phat lewts to snatch from their lifeless corpses.

Venture Forth

In Venture Forth you’re playing as an adventurer exploring the expansive depths and basically killing off anything that even remotely looks at you funny. That’s pretty much it. It’s a hack-and-slash fest pure and simple. You fight monsters, steal their treasure, and continue to delve into ever deeper areas of the dungeon. In true RPG fashion you can equip upgrades as soon as you find them and according to the gameplay video you can have several “loadouts” that you can swap to on the fly with the push of a button.

Venture Forth

The graphics for Venture Forth could best be described as a low polygon count. This isn’t state-of-the-art realistic graphics but I’m sure that they’re not meant to be. It looks to be a fun diversion to those who enjoyed playing games like Dungeon Master back in the day. Just how big this game is going to be is not certain but just based on the maps shown it’s pretty damn big. And speaking of the map, you can reference it at any time and it fills in as you move through the dungeon. Pretty nifty and you shouldn’t get lost because of it.

Venture Forth is one of those games that should appeal to anyone who wants an action game without much plot and just a lot of fighting. It’s pure mindless fun for the whole family.

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