Looking for a new roguelike? If so, you’re in luck because the genre is always teeming with new entrants. The newest of the new is Haven’s Demise by Bandana Studios. It might not completely reinvent the wheel, but it seems fun anyway. The basics are that you’re a character named Dimi who happens to be stalked by Death. Stressed as they may be, Dimi isn’t ready to meet his maker, so the player’s goal is to actually kill Death. You’ll only be able to accomplish this after making your way through five levels, though.


Each level utilizes procedural generation and features different types of enemies. All I know is that my goal would be to get away from any level with “Butt Mushrooms” (an actual type of enemy in the game!) as quickly as possible. Now, in order to succeed in any one level of Haven’s Demise players need to defeat enough monsters in order to fill their experience meter. This must be accomplished before time is over. What happens if you don’t get enough in time? My assumption is that Death probably comes for you, similarly to genre mainstays such as Spelunky. Luckily, there’s a host of different weapons to utilize (bow, machine gun, rocket launcher, etc) as well as active and passive abilities.


Looking to help out Haven’s Demise? Aside from funding the Kickstarter toward its $16,052 goal (converted from CAD), you can give the title an upvote on Steam Greenlight. This is best for continuing to spread the word, though it doesn’t directly mean the game will come to Steam even if funding fails.

Track the progress of the Haven’s Demise Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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Marcus Estrada


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