Given the complex nature of RPGs, it makes sense that we don’t see them quite so often as other genres on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. With that said, a surprisingly polished-looking game by the rather verbose name of Remnants of Twilight: Age of Arius just hit Kickstarter and is already generating a buzz. So let’s look into the game a bit more and see just why it has already generated over two thousand bucks and is likely to do well despite a failed campaign last year.


Well, there’s a few main things which appear to be the focus of Remnants of Twilight: Age of Arius — an active time battle combat system, character customization, the expansive storyline and sidequests, as well as a through crafting system. Given the immense amount of “stuff” possible in the game, it feels none of it is explained with particular focus in the campaign. With that said, we’ve been a pretty good visual look at developer TwlightTeddiez plans by simply checking out the screenshots and GIFs. There you can see a bit of battling in action alongside aspects like chatting with characters. There’s definitely still room to share even more about this game, but the lovely visuals alone may be enough to sell a lot of potential players.


As with so many Kickstarter projects, Remnants of Twilight: Age of Arius is planned for release on PC (specifically for Windows and Mac operating systems only at the moment). The Kickstarter goal of $10,000 seems pretty attainable for this project thus far. Those who don’t plan to back the campaign can still upvote it over on Steam Greenlight.

Track the progress of the Remnants of Twilight: Age of Arius Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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Marcus Estrada


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