Modern space combat games are few in number and Beverage Brothers decided to rectify that by developing their own title in AstroKill. Take on capital ships and their defenders all while flying around in a fighter of your own. Group up with dozens of other fighter pilots to eliminate the enemy and brag about it in a space bar later on. If you can survive the battle, that is.

In AstroKill you have two factions vieing for dominance. And each one has their own single-player story campaign, which means if you prefer to take on the game’s AI instead of other humans you’re welcome to do so at your own leisure. Of course, multiplayer is always an option and a few play modes are already planned, such as deathmatch, team deathmatch, and attack/defend.


So, I mentioned that there are two factions to play in AstroKill and they’re quite different in style. Taking on the role of de facto rulers, the Dominion of Man (DOM) focus on mass production of their ships and squashing uprisings by sheer numbers. In the other corner, you have the underdogs. The Rebels to the Galactic Empire if you will. The Outer Belt Alliance (OBA) is a ragtag group of miners and the like that oppose the DOM and take the fight to them.


As with each faction’s unique style comes ships that reflect their personalities. The OBA’s fighters rely on heavy armor and traditional ammunition while the DOM prefers the more offensive approach and eschews the armor bonus for explosive weaponry (read missiles). So, based on that information if you’re more of a turtle and prefer to play the “tank” go OBA. If you want the blast your enemies to smithereens as quickly as possible go DOM.

Oh, and you can shoot down enemy pilots after they eject from their exploding ships. So, if you’re sadistic go for the final kill.

Track the progress of the AstroKill Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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