Tower defense is a genre that flourished semi-recently for reasons unknown, getting modes in Assassin’s Creed games for goodness sake. Since then, the flame has mostly fizzled out, though the genre is still quite fun! Kotosha is a new campaign on Kickstarter looking to revitalize this style of gameplay in a mostly traditional fashion. There’s none of that third or first person interactivity as with Orcs Must Die! or Sanctum here. Instead, as with more traditional titles, you’ve got an overhead view of the map and a great host of towers to place on the field.


Kotosha is still willing to change things up a bit, though. This comes in the form the upgrade perk tree which does not remain static through every playthrough. Instead, it is distinct to each stage, making room for a greater degree of potential strategies. You’ve also got the option to vote on waves sometimes. This means if you really don’t want to fight a certain enemy you might get the chance to opt for something else instead. It also appears that Kotosha has a bright, colorful aesthetic which is refreshing for tower defense games, though some of the screenshots make it appear that the “bloom” effect is out of control.


Now, I’d be remiss not to mention the odd bits of this campaign. The most unique to me is that the entire page is a series of images. That’s been done before, but usually with fancier text or graphical wow factor. Also, there’s nothing written in the “Risks and Challenges” section! Kotosha requires $8,000 in funding and, if it succeeds, we’ll see it on PC and mobile platforms.

Track the progress of the Kotosha Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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