[dropcap size=big]T[/dropcap]wo years ago first-person RPG Frontiers ran on Kickstarter and managed to blow past its initial funding goal of $50,000 three times over. However, development of the game has taken a lot longer than developer Lars Simkins originally estimated and in a recent update he mentioned why. Apparently, he’s the only person still working on the game, but he’s not down and out yet.


Lars is still going to work on finishing up Frontiers, but in order to help offset this extended development cycle he’s decided to move on to smaller projects in the mean time. This doesn’t mean that he’s putting Frontiers on hold. Far from it. He won’t even be involved in these games beyond maybe some consulting work and the like, which means he can still focus on Frontiers at the same time.


Three games have already been started and are at various stages of completion. The whole campaign is being headed by Ryan Span, who has invested the most time in the development of Frontiers aside from Lars himself. They have decided that the best course of action was to focus on creating games for VR (virtual reality) platforms like the Oculus instead of the more traditional mobile method.

“There is NO WAY IN HELL I’m getting into mobile games, because that market is tougher than boot leather. I have mad respect for anyone with the courage to try, but I just don’t have the stomach to watch six months of work sink to the bottom of a 1000 page queue and yield pennies on the dollar.”

With that said, what are these three titles that are going to be worked on at the same time that Frontiers is being developed? Here’s what’s planned to go down the pipeline:


Euclidean is a “geometric horror” game taking place in a dimension where man was not meant to traverse. It is a “slow descent into the dark” where you’ll have to struggle to survive what precious moments that you have left.

Ariadnes' Thread

Ariadnes’ Thread is a maze escape game at its core. You’re on a ship with a weird plant growth covering the entire interior. There is a shuttle at the other end and it’s up to you to reach it in order to escape. Nobody else has made it out alive. Will you?

The Everton Experiment

The Everton Experiment is a deceptively simple concept. You’re in a room. With a button. Just you and the button. It is being touted as a “psychological adventure” and how you use the power of the button is up to you.

As mentioned above, the amount of work poured into these three games are at various stages. Euclidean is already nearing the end of development at roughly 85% finished while the other two are at very early stages of growth.

But, what about Frontiers itself you might ask? That’s a good question and one not really answered in this update. But, Lars did promise that the next one, coming sometime this month, will give a more detailed look at where that game is currently at.

Serena Nelson
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Serena Nelson


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Serena Nelson
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