Another month, another visual novel published by Sekai Project is now on Kickstarter! This time it is The Human Reignition Project by Alienworks. Those with a taste for games from the English visual novel scene have probably already heard of it, too. After all, this is a title that has been in development for basically two years now! You can chalk that up to the fact that, as devoted as the developers are, their time is quite busy split between school and work. It’s that same old story which has brought many other creatives to Kickstarter, after all.


Enough about that, though, here’s what The Human Reignition Project is about. It’s  a near-future storyline where technology has all but eliminated the need for face-to-face human interaction. Fears about robots taking over all jobs have also come true. Really, it seems there’s little need for humans or humanity at all. Most sit idly by as technology rules the world, but one small group hopes to “turn back the clock” and see things returned to the way they once were. Our protagonist is a member of this group, along with a cast of youthful women. Players will explore the storyline as they potentially romance one of them.


Perhaps part of the reason why The Human Reignition Project has taken so long is due to the intended scope. Alienworks desires to make this a visual novel with half a million words! They estimate this puts their game at around the 30 hour mark for most players. The Human Reignition Project needs $22,000 in funding on Kickstarter and seems set to blast through that goal soon enough. In the meantime, consider upvoting their Greenlight page to ensure this game comes to Steam.

Track the progress of The Human Reignition Project Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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