The 2015 Sony E3 press conference is one that is set to go down in gaming history. Not only did they announce The Last Guardian is finally coming, but they also shared the long-desired Final Fantasy VII remake. But, this? It’s something on a huge level for both Sony fans as well as Sega fans. After a host of other massive announcements, Shenmue 3 was revealed as coming to Kickstarter tonight. The campaign in fact launched as they revealed, and is already on track to receive ridiculous amounts of funding. After all, what better way to share news of a campaign then do it on stage at E3?


So, how much does Yu Suzuki and company require to make this a reality? Oh, just a cool $2 million bucks. Considering how massive the previous titles were with their open world freedom, this almost seems much too tame a price range. Of course, they’re also working with Sony which makes it appear they’ll be providing some heavy backing as well. And, well, the fact that tons of Shenmue fans will continue to throw their wallets at this Kickstarter long after it gets funded makes money seem a small issue, too.


For $29 you’ll be able to get a digital download of Shenmue 3 for PC or PS4. At the $60 tier (only the third tier of all), you can nab a physical copy. Note that none of these tiers are limited, which seems a bit shocking, but I’d have to assume they have some idea of what they’re doing! There are very few “cheap” tiers, but chances are that all fans are poised to snap up the digital release, if not something much fancier.

What are your thoughts on Shenmue 3 coming to Kickstarter? Is this a dream come true for you as it is for thousands of other fans?

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