In August 2013, an avante garde stealth game by the name of Tangiers was fully funded on Kickstarter. During the campaign, developer Alex Harvey smartly posted very regular updates but these updates soon slowed after the campaign completed. Months have continued to pass between each. Prior to this month’s update, the last was in March. Luckily, June’s update is absolutely enormous. First, it reveals why exactly things have been quiet as of late. The team had been securing external funding throughout in order to continue work, but funds that were supposed to come in during May were delayed by months. Instead of having a beta ready around that time, they had to scramble with money-related woes instead.


But they didn’t give up. They’ve continued working on Tangiers and are also soon going to hire someone to take over community management. That way updates can come on a regular basis instead of this “once every few months” variety. So, what all new information have fans been granted? For one, Tangiers is now running on Unity 5. They’ve also added a map to the game, though it will be like the kind of map you’d have in real life (one which has no marker for where you are). A focus has also been put on balancing stealth mechanics to ensure that being seen by an enemy doesn’t basically boil down to a fail state.


The AI is also becoming smarter. If they see you, they may now work together to plan an attack on you. They can also vault over objects in their path or break down doors. Finally, the update suggests that in 2-3 weeks the Tangiers beta will finally be around the corner. Here’s hoping that ends up being the case!

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