Looking for an open world dieselpunk RPG? If so, and you’ve not already heard of InSomnia, then you might want to look into it via our previous coverage. The game was funded about a year ago now and Studio MONO tends to provide updates about twice a month. Their latest news from the developers is all about InSomnia’s inventory, item repair, and crafting systems.



Inventory is being kept realistic-ish by backpacks having a maximum load carry of up to 150% maximum weight. With that said, if you’re carrying a 90% filled backpack, the character will start becoming tired already as this is pretty heavy already. Items will suffer from wear and eventually break if you don’t keep them in tip top shape. It’s also possible to disassemble items and collect resources from them.


Finally, crafting allows for the creation of cool, new items but it requires schematics. You might find these in the world, from talking to NPCs, or by upgrading your “mechanics” stats. The developers also uploaded a video to give folks a taste of InSomnia’s inventory menu:


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