Nevermind is a frightening upcoming horror game which saw success on Kickstarter last year. In 2015 it jumped onto Early Access (you can check out our EA review here), but updates slowed to nothing since April. Well, according to the June 16th Kickstarter update, we should be hearing much more from them.


And right on schedule, an update was posted on the 27th that details a number of improvements to the Steam Early Access release.   This Nevermind update also includes controller support — finally! The game was also upgraded to Unity 5 and given some extra overall polish.


A brand new level titled Client #418 is planned for release the week of July 13. This is also planned to be the last level, unless of course sales pick up on Early Access to afford the team a chance to create even more.

Have you played Nevermind? What are your thoughts on the game? If you’d like to learn more about it be sure to check out our previous coverage.

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