In 2013 a cute video game by the name of Crypt Run hit Kickstarter. A bit after the campaign closed successfully, developer Lost Decade Games swapped the name for A Wizard’s Lizard. The end result was a wonderfully cartoony The Legend of Zelda-like experience. If you’re interested in picking that up here’s the Steam link for A Wizard’s Lizard.

In a new Crypt Run backer update, Lost Decade Games revealed that A Wizard’s Lizard 2 is coming! The sequel will also make its way to Kickstarter sometime this summer. Unlike most game campaigns, this one is also already pre-approved for Steam release (that means no need for a Greenlight page!). The exact date has yet to be revealed but you can expect Cliqist to post an announcement when it goes live!


Want to keep up with news about A Wizard’s Lizard 2 leading up to the Kickstarter launch? I’d suggest keeping an eye on their Kickstarter updates or following Lost Decade Games on Twitter to get the news first.

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