Stop motion side scrolling adventure game Knite & The Ghost Lights has been in development since September 2013 and it is still chugging along. Creating all of the scenes and characters from scratch, molding them into the final shapes that you’ll see in the game, and taking screenshots frame by frame takes a long time. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that there’s still work to be done before release. That said, a lot of progress has been made.

Knite And The Ghost Lights is a claymation stop motion adventure game with a creepy halloween vibe.

In the latest update for Knite & The Ghost Lights the good people at Mobot Studios revealed the opening cinematic for the game to everyone. And it looks beautiful, particularly showcasing their talent at making a smooth video with stop motion puppets. I personally think that if this is any indication of the rest of the game then it would be money well spent. You can watch the video below.

In addition to the video they also released screenshots and information on some of the areas that you’ll be exploring in Knite & The Ghost Lights.

Knite & The Ghost Lights

Knitemire is a marshland that is home to the titular character. It used to be called “Knightmoor” but has since been changed due to the illiteracy of the inhabitants.

Knite & The Ghost Lights

Old Titans is a vast forest with giant trees and home to woodland creatures. With an emphasis on “wood”.

Knite & The Ghost Lights

Trolldalen is a valley inhabited by weird rock formations. Some believe that they are the fossilized remains of trolls who were caught in the sun and solidified. Some of those believe that they’re just sleeping.

Knite & The Ghost Lights

King’s Hill is a tall hill with a stone sarcophagus on top of it, leading it to the name of the place. Some believe it to be the passage to a hidden treasure.

Knite & The Ghost Lights

The Sewer. It’s underground and full of water. Duh.

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