According to the world of V.Next, the cyberpunk future of Seattle is pretty grim. It’s a landscape where corporations rule and the oppressed masses have no safety, security, or privacy to their own. One powerful hacker, Vivienne Denue, was such a threat to this hierarchy that her memories were erased. Once released on the streets, she must once again learn those things which she was one skilled with — coding and hacking. Players will ride along with Vivienne through this journey in V.Next, a project by SyncBuildRun.


The setup sounds excellent, but how does it actually play? The gameplay has multiple modes ranging from 2D stealth sections to a code hacking puzzle mode. It’s impossible to judge from the screenshots what sort of difficulty all this is bringing to the table, though. One thing quite evident from the presented screenshots/gifs is that V.Next has a totally retro aesthetic to it. The pixel art is certainly reminiscent of early 90s PC games. My main fear for the project lies with its 18 episode plan. Even at only 30-60 minutes a piece, it sounds like quite a challenge to make that many episodes which continually progress the storylines.


My other concern is the relatively high Kickstarter goal of $120,000. There is no doubt in my mind that the team at SyncBuildRun requires this amount of funding to do all they need. Of course, it may be a bit more challenging to convince the potential backer populace to donate quite that much. With that said, I certainly hope I’m wrong! Feel free to help spread the word about V.Next by upvoting the PC game on Steam Greenlight.

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Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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Marcus Estrada
  • As a huge Cyberpunk fan I was initially interested in this game, but after looking at the screenshots and reading up on it I’m probably going to pass on this one. The whole 18 episodes in 18 weeks also seems way too ambitious for a Kickstarter project. I can see a five episode series released in like half a year but I don’t see them making the weekly deadlines. I might pick this up if it funds and after a few episodes are released, though.

    • Dawnyaaa

      Same thought here, dear. I am kind of wary about the whole 18 episodes in 18 weeks..especially on a plateform like KS that sees every project getting delayed.

      It is an admirable thought and an ambitious project. But i think the vision is overly ambitious.
      My fear is to see them update for 5 weeks or so and then go MIA when they realised that it isn’t as easy as they think it was.

      Anyway, gotta pass this one too.