Some pretty unexpected news hit the visual novel community today. Muv-Luv, a series which began in Japan in 2003, is finally set to receive an official English-language translation. Not only that, but this translation will be facilitated by an upcoming Kickstarter campaign! Some immediately assumed that Sekai Project must be the publisher behind this (as they’ve handled multiple high profile visual novel Kickstarters already) but they have absolutely no relation to this project. Degica are the ones set to publish Muv-Luv.


We will be getting both Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative visual novels if the Kickstarter proves successful. The series is basically a romantic comedy, though there’s a good deal of epic sci-fi action which eventually takes place as well. In any case, both titles in the series are planned to make their debut on Steam. Back in Japan these games had arrived on both PC and consoles (Xbox 360 and PS3), but there’s no word as to potential ports right now. Folks have already been clamoring for a Vita release, but thus far the games have never even touched the handheld! Another bit to note is that while Muv-Luv originated as an erotic game, there’s no doubt that 18+ rated sexual content will have to be removed prior to hitting Steam. With that said, an uncut off-Steam release is planned as well.


Want to know more? Degica and IXTL plan to share more news during their press conference at Anime Expo on July 3rd. The campaign launch will not coincide with that reveal, however, as the Kickstarter is planned for sometime in August/September. We’ll definitely keep you updated as more news about Muv-Luv arrives!

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