With just over two days left to go, the Kickstarter campaign for The Lost Pisces is going to miss its initial funding goal…by quite a lot.

Sirenum Digital was looking to raise just over $200,000 for The Lost Pisces, a game that used the story of The Little Mermaid for its source material, and was working to tackle some innovative technology in the area of AI systems.


As you played through The Lost Pisces, you would get to know Pisces as she begins the game as more of a robot than human, and overtime she would learn to have emotions, and even be able to sense your facial expressions through a Kinect camera. The game looks quite beautiful on the Unreal Engine 4, but due to a lack of social media awareness, Sirenum Digital hasn’t been able to garner much support.

Even though the Kickstarter was a failure, Sirenum Digital promises they will continue to work on The Lost Pisces noting that development time will take longer than they had hoped, but they enjoy working on the game and will see it through to completion. The Kickstarter campaign has also provided them with plenty of feedback that will aid them in their development of the game.


Unfortunately, some of  that feedback seems a bit negative towards what’s arguably the most innovative part about the project. The Kinect. The developers are now planning to put less importance on that aspect of the game for the time being and focus on art and story mechanics, which is fine, but I hope they continue to explore their original concept as well and see it through to completion.

Sirenum may release a pre-alpha demo of the game this Fall to give potential backers an idea of what to expect from the game before they return to the crowdfunding scene. Hopefully next time they’ll have the social media support they need to get this project funded. Sirenum will also be releasing a few more Kickstarter updates before the project ends in the next 56 hours so stay tuned for further details on that.


Nick Calandra
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