I’ll admit to having no clue what “Boma Narakua Sura” was before checking out a Kickstarter for a game with the same name. So, for the benefit of folks who also don’t know, here’s the scoop. This is a character which appeared in ancient South-East Asian scriptures and was often depicted as an antagonist. In Boma Narakura Sura (the game), Boma actually works with the protagonist to share its powers with her. If you read through the campaign pitch, you’ll see they have written it from the perspective of the main character, too. It’s certainly unique!

So, how does the game actually play out? Basically, developer Anantarupa Studio was inspired quite a bit by Castlevania, so you can expect many hallmarks of the classic Metroidvania style within. As players explore the beautifully animated 2D world, they’ll defeat many enemies, collect items, upgrade themselves via RPG mechanics, craft weapons, and discover brand new realms. Bosses and other enemies have also been inspired by South-East Asian culture, which should give Boma Narakura Sura a distinctive flair when compared to its genre contemporaries. Of course, the animation stands out impressively and even feels a bit similar to that of Vanillaware’s work.


As of right now, the team only intends to release Boma Narakura Sura on PC. This definitely looks like the kind of game that could succeed handily on consoles, but that would add greater cost to the project. Their Kickstarter is asking for $25,000 and will be able to make it if funding continue at the same rate.

Track the progress of the Boma Naraka Sura Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada