Have you ever wanted to run your own food truck? With friends or on your own? And take it to the stars in an intergalactic trek to fill stomachs where no stomachs have been filled before? Well, now’s your chance to be a galactic gourmand. In Space Food Truck you’ll be taking it to the stars and plying your culinary concoctions from planet to planet. All right, that’s enough alliteration. Let’s get to the meat of the game.

Space Food Truck

In Space Food Truck, you’ll be playing with up to three friends in a digital co-op board game. There are four roles that you can chose from: Captain, Chef, Scientist, and Engineer. And each has their own deck of cards to pull from as you try to gather ingredients for your recipes, cook them, and sell your finished product to the hungry inhabitants of various planets. The Chef and Captain should be pretty self-explanatory. They cook the food and plot the ship’s course respectively. The Scientist and Engineer are a bit more unique in their field.

Space Food Truck

As mentioned above, you’ll be playing on a board filled with planetary destinations and each one has their own tastes for what they’re looking to consume. Others are home to the ingredients that you need in order to prepare said dishes. And your Engineer needs to keep the second-hand “truck” operational throughout as it’s pretty much a junker. That’s what you get when you skimp on transportation costs.

The best part about this online board game would have to be the outlandish humor. Aside from flying around in a food truck you’ll be treated to cringe inducing puns as you draw cards from your decks. Space Food Truck looks to be a great addition to one’s party game collection. They also have a Steam Greenlight campaign running.

Track the progress of the Space Food Truck Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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