Remember when Ouya ran their “Free the Games” campaign? Well, Whispering Willows was one of the games that took advantage of the extra funds being pumped into crowdfunded indie campaigns. If you don’t recall what it was, here’s a refresher. As long as the title gets funded and they promise to offer “exclusivity” to the Ouya console (which later included PC ports) for six months they’ll match the amount dollar for dollar up to a certain amount. I’ll be honest here…I can’t remember what the cap was.

Whispering Willows

Anyway, it’s now been half a year since Whispering Willows was released to the Ouya and personal computer markets and the exclusive clause has expired. As such, the game has finally been released to the other consoles and mobile devices promised during the campaign. As of the latest update, you can now pick it up for the Playstation 4 and Vita with Xbox, mobile, and Wii-U ports to come soon.

For more information on Whispering Willows, you can read our previous coverage.

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