Looking for some guitar-heavy metal, dark pixel graphics, and enough blood to satisfy the Red Cross?  Look no further than Slain! from Wolf Brew Games.  When this Castlevania inspired hack-n-slash launched on Kickstarter earlier this year it promised high-difficulty gameplay combined with liberal amounts of gore, and based on the latest gameplay footage it appears as though things are on track.


Based on the latest Kickstarter update it looks like the game is still on schedule to be released around October, which seems appropriate given the games’ gruesome nature.  An interesting side note about the release though; the developers won’t be pushing the game on Steam Early Access.  Backers will get their early copies of the game via a closed Early Access, but lowly non-backers such as myself won’t have to go through paid testing just to play the game.  After the initial release of Slain! this fall you can look for it on WiiU, PS4, PS Vita, and Xbox One in early 2016, in the meantime check out the new footage hotness.

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