$800 AUD (roughly $600 USD) may seem like a lot of money to put into a Kickstarter campaign, but those who love making appearances in games certainly flock to them. Besides, considering how much backers at that tier in Max’s Big Bust are getting it’s a pretty good deal. I mean, I’ve seen projects offer less for much more money. And the latest update just sweetens the deal even further.

I had been talking with Lachlan Snell about the in-game cameo tier and he told me that the plan was to have anyone who backs at that level will get more than two or three lines and then disappear. While each one will feature prominently during investigations there will be scenes during “down time” where they can make an appearance.

Max's Big Bust

While the tier description specifically stated one outfit, the update triples the number to three. Including swimsuits for all on top of whatever was originally planned for that character. Also, Lach is in talks with these backers and plans on including their backstories into Max’s Big Bust somewhere. Plus, all previous rewards are included. Personally, I think this is a steal for the price.

To learn more about Max’s Big Bust be sure to check out our previous coverage. ¬†You can also track how the Kickstarter is going in our Campaign Calendar.

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