Looking for a potentially more strategic (and pirate-y) form of Monopoly? It might be worth checking out the Kickstarter pitch for Pirates War – The Dice King. This game is in many ways like other “property trading” board games, but with a good deal of distinct features thrown in. As the name implies, it also happens to deal with pirates and includes a good share of sea-faring, looting, and crews duking it out. Players begin by creating a deck which confers the type of boat as well as crew they’re bringing on the journey. Crew members all have their own stats and skills, which means that each player can have a different strategy from the others.


Then you dive into Pirates War – The Dice King and start taking land for yourself. If you arrive on someone else’s land, you may pay the fine. Or, you can act like a total pirate and fight them to try and steal ownership from them! This concept is a huge twist on the formula established by Monopoly. This digital board game offers other tweaks too, such as moments when the loyalty of your crew are tested, as well as dangerous enemies such as krakens. Once the richest pirate has been sussed out they’re announced as the victor.


One aspect that may turn a few folks off is that Pirates War – The Dice King is a free to play product. Developer Idiocracy, inc have also failed to state there will be no “pay to win” mechanisms. So far we just know that it will be coming to PC, mobile, and web if they reach the goal of $40,000.

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