Danger has reared its ugly head at the start of Four Realms. If you, a Guardian, don’t take action than the many animal kingdoms of the world will be destroyed! The concept itself may not be the most inventive out there, but this a game which is still very much worth a look. Developer Hugebot’s title is focused on the aspects of 2D platforming, puzzling, and also includes its fair share of action via battles. To me, though, the most notable aspect is the wonderful cavalcade of anthropomorphic animals you’ll meet along the way.


Four Realms just seems to take fantasy in a direction which is playful, even with the sort of treacherous danger lurking over everything. Players will be able to customize themselves via their list of spells and equipment. The developers specifically source inspiration such as card game Magic the Gathering in regards to capturing a similar “spirit” through this customization. It’s not just the spells which are open for players. There’s also a vast array of characters you’ll be able to play as. Unfortunately, the campaign pitch doesn’t actually delve into too many more details, but you can find out much more for yourself by downloading the demo. Please note that it only runs on Windows.


Hugebot is asking for $10,000 to make fantasy action game Four Realms into a reality. They’ve raised a thousand bucks so far but definitely need more of a push to make it. Those willing to help out in some way may want to upvote the title on Steam Greenlight.

Track the progress of the Four Realms Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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