Dropsy is one of those games that keeps drawing me in for some reason.  I’m not particularly attracted to, or repulsed by, clowns, the artwork is cute but not earth shattering, and I’m still a bit unsure how the whole affair will play out.  However, every time there’s an update I find myself praying for more awkward clown hijinks.


In addition to a flurry of Kickstarter updates regarding the Dropsy Beta release, there’s some great info regarding the game’s soundtrack.  No only does it sound fantastic so far, it’s available to purchase in 01100100011010010110011101101001011101000110000101101100 form, as well as a transparent orange vinyl.   At just $5.00 and $15.00 respectively it’s worth checking out.  Here’s a moving picture teaser to give you an idea of what’s in store once the soundtrack releases in August.

To learn more about Dropsy prior to its release later this summer be sure to check out our previous coverage, including an interview with the actual Dropsy The Clown.  We also spoke with Dropsy developer Jay Tholen, who dropped a rather unique haiku on us.

Do not be afraid
He only wants to love you
A warm sweaty hug

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