Smash TV is absolutely one of my favorite classic games out there, and so anything that in any way gains inspiration from that gets onto my radar. Satellite Rush is one such game that takes classic twin-stick shooter gameplay and similar themes to create its own brand new roguelike. It begins when an everyday earthling is kidnapped by aliens and forced to take part in an intergalactic gameshow. There, the man now known as “Egomonkey,” must battle against hordes of aliens in the vast, multi-roomed Satellite Moebius arena. As you might expect, this totally untrained, unheroic protagonist is going to die a lot.


As this is basically a big, weird gameshow, the live studio audience may even provide you with new weapons or other items in Satellite Rush. This is dependent on the cheer-o-meter, which reacts to the kind of show you’re putting on with your skillful (or awful) fighting antics. Even the concept of TV sponsors is brought into the picture by pleasing one of the three different “big sponsors.” They can and will provide you with an upgrade to grow stronger, though it’ll no doubt be challenging to even please a sponsor to begin with.


Curious to check out Satellite Rush? Luckily, the developers have prepared a demo for Windows, Mac, and Linux. There’s also no need to upvote them on Greenlight as they were already Greenlit! Satellite Rush now just needs to raise its $18,000 goal via Kickstarter to ensure its release on PC in the future.

Track the progress of the Satellite Rush Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada